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Intuitive Psychological Astrologer and Coach

Raechel is an Intuitive Psychological Astrologer and Coach. She uses a combination of astrology, psychology, and her gift of intuition to help women unlock what’s holding them back in business, relationships and life. She provides trauma and blockage sessions, utilizing your birth chart as a tool for healing. She assists you in identifying your trauma and makes you feel seen, heard, validated and accepted for what you have and are going through. Raechel helps align you with your highest self and be unapologetic in who you are and what your life’s purpose is.

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1:1 Business Coaching Call Intensive

90 Minutes - $197

This is for women who are either just starting out in their business, or in process/thinking about pivoting their business. We will look at your strengths and where you may be feeling vulnerable; what you are passionate about; speak about what your ideal client looks like; and take a look at the transits to see what areas of your life may be hindering or enabling your ability to move forward with your goals and aspirations.

1:1 Soul's Purpose (Trauma/Blockage) Intensive

90 Minutes - $197

This intensive is for those who are trying to find their soul's purpose and what wounds are holding them back from attaining it and/or embodying the highest self. Many times, we know inside what we want or should be doing. This intensive is for the women who has an inkling of the things holding her back, and what she wants to do going forward. She may need some support, encouragement and/or validation to step into her confident self.

Saturn Return Coaching Program 

3 Month Group Program

Up to 5 women between the ages of 27 - 30 who are going through a period of questioning: "what am I supposed to be doing?" and "I know I'm meant for more but what is that?"

Mama + Me Coaching Program 

3 Month Group Program

Up to 4 mothers who find they sometimes have trouble navigating the hectic and unpredictable life of motherhood. What do you need from yourself? What does your child need from you? How do you combine the two without compromising who you are as a person, as well as the needs of your child(ren)?



Woman who gave a testimonial for Intuitive Psychological Astrologer and Coach, Raechel Marie

I just had an AMAZING birth chat reading and coaching session with Raechel. I got SO much clarity on my ideal client. Raechel empowered me to run my business from within and who I am, opposed to running my business from who I'm "supposed" to be, and comparing myself to other coaches. Raechel empowered me to niche down and work with spiritual business coaches who are manifesting generators. As scary as this feels... I know that it will enable me to run my business on AUTO-PILOT and with EASE! Who doesn't want to run their business on AUTO-PILOT with EASE?! Raechel also helped me reframe my beliefs around structure being rigid and restrictive, and instead that structure gets to be fun and doesn't have to change who I am. I get to decide how to structure my life and business!

~ Lizzie V


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