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About Raechel Marie

Intuitive Psychological Astrologer and Coach

Raechel is an Intuitive Psychological Astrologer and Coach. She uses a combination of astrology, psychology, and her gift of intuition to help women unlock what’s holding them back in business, relationships and life. She provides trauma and blockage sessions, utilizing your birth chart as a tool for healing. She assists you in identifying your trauma and makes you feel seen, heard, validated and accepted for what you have and are going through. Raechel helps align you with your highest self and be unapologetic in who you are and what your life’s purpose is.

Traditional coaching programs will insinuate that you have to look outside of yourself to find answers. They will teach you strategies that live outside of you and your own body. You may find it hard to implement these strategies or stick to the program because it just *doesn’t feel right*. Your soul knows what it wants and will send you these signals when you are out of alignment with what your individual self needs.

Raechel, instead, uses your birth chart and intuitive power to leverage and utilize what is *already inside of you* to remove blockages and heal trauma in the way your individual body, mind and soul is calling for. She recognizes the energy you were born with, and your life experiences, and shows you how to *use it to your advantage*. Stop living outside of yourself, and start harnessing the power within. There is only one YOU, and THAT is your superpower.

When working with Raechel, you can expect to be called out on the shit that just IS NOT WORKING FOR YOU. You must be ready to hear hard truths to start course correcting them and to live in alignment. Know though that this is done out of love, and you have encouragement and support through the difficult process of opening yourself up to being vulnerable. You must do the hard work it takes to get what you want out of life. You already have this inside of you, Raechel just helps you identify where it lies and how to OWN THAT SHIT.

Raechel is a 29-year old woman who lives in Connecticut with her husband Nicholas and her beautiful sons Nathaniel and Alexander. The majority of her college degree focused heavily on psychology, and has been studying and applying astrology in depth for three years. She knew at a young age that she was sensitive to the thoughts, feelings and emotions of others. It took many “Dark Nights of the Soul” to get to where she is now, living in alignment with her soul’s purpose, UNAPOLOGETICALLY. She now wants to help you do the same.

Please be sure to visit the “services” page to see how you can work with Raechel.

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