Services by Raechel Marie Astrology

1:1 Business Coaching Call Intensive

90 Minutes

This is for women who are either just starting out in their business, or in process of/thinking about pivoting their business. We will look at your strengths and where you may be feeling vulnerable; what you are passionate about; speak about what your ideal client looks like; and take a look at the transits to see what areas of your life may be hindering or enabling your ability to move forward with your goals and aspirations.


1:1 Soul's Purpose (Trauma/Blockage) Intensive

90 Minutes

This intensive is for those who are trying to find their soul's purpose and what wounds are holding them back from attaining it and/or embodying the highest self. Many times, we know inside what we want or should be doing. This intensive is for the women who has an inkling of the things holding her back, and what she wants to do going forward. She may need some support, encouragement and/or validation to step into her confident self.


Saturn Return Coaching Program 

3 Month Group Coaching Program (Three 90 Minute Calls)

Up to 5 women between the ages of 27 - 30 who are going through a period of questioning: "what am I supposed to be doing?" and "I know I'm meant for more, but what is it?"

Month 1: will focus on your base personality and who YOU are, how YOU operate, likes and dislikes, and YOUR passions based on Sun, Moon and Rising signs and Saturn in your chart. 

Month 2: will focus on your Chiron Sign and where it is located in your chart. This indicates your deepest and most painful wound, as well as your greatest gift to give to others. 

Month 3: will take a look at your North Node / South Node and where it is located in your chart. The North Node represents traits we are meant to master in this lifetime and karmic debt to fulfil. This is where we feel most uncomfortable stepping into but brings us to the places we want and are meant to be. The South Node are traits we have mastered in previous lifetimes and karmic debt that has already been fulfilled. 

Option to add a 1:1 call at the end of Month 3.

Voxer Community for support throughout.

Mama + Me Group Coaching

3 Month Group Program (Six 45 Minute Calls, bi-weekly)

Up to 4 mothers who find they sometimes have trouble navigating the hectic and unpredictable life of motherhood. What do you need from yourself? What does your child need from you? How do you combine the two without compromising who you are as a person, as well as the needs of your child(ren)?

Month 1: we will go through your chart and find/discuss YOUR childhood (what you needed and what was lacking; what made you fell loved and what made you feel unloved, etc.) and how this affects your own parenting.

Month 2: we will go through your child(ren)'s chart(s) and discuss where their vulnerabilities lie, how you can support those vulnerabilities and be productive in making them feel loved and supported based on their own individuality as a human. 

Month 3: we will combine your chart with your child(ren)'s so that you can best support your child(ren) as their mother in the way they need, while still maintaining your identity as a person and respecting your own wants/needs.

Option to add a 1:1 call at the end of Month 3.

Voxer Community for support throughout.

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